In light of a few recent low-key changes in, La Cieca (pictured) asks the cher public to take a moment to enhance their enjoyment of the site by reviewing the updates and suggestions following the jump. 

The first and most significant change to site is the addition of biographical information for parterre writers. Simply click on the writer’s byline to be redirected to a page featuring a bio (and in some cases a photo) of the writer as well as preview of the writer’s previous pieces published on parterre.

La Cieca has caught up with the task of updating the RSS feed for ‘Trove Thursday,” which means that you now have access to all the wonderful podcasts in that series via iTunes (for free!) or any RSS reader.

The cher public are further reminded that all parterre articles can be shared easily through social media by using the buttons at the end of every story. Click “Share” to share a piece with your Facebook buddies, or “Tweet” to send it to your Twitter account.