salome-matineeWelcome to La Casa della Cieca for the matinee of Salome starting at the Met at 1:00 pm on Saturday, cher public. Please be sure to read the notice after the jump. 

After much pondering and discussion with a number of parterre associates, La Cieca has come to the conclusion that the “Rumbletalk” chat format must be discontinued as an official feature of the site. I believe that the non-archived and unmoderated nature of this chat encouraged occasional off-topic and abusive conversation that simply does not belong on

La Cieca encourages regular participants in the chat to participate (in a civil manner, of course) in a conversation in the Disqus comments section of this post, and I will continue to publish posts for each scheduled broadcast on the chat schedule.

I ask you to please try discussing this afternoon’s performance via Disqus. If you set the comments on “Sort by Oldest” the threads will display in chronological order.


Photo by Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera.