Congratulations to Leitbreite (not pictured) whose cunning ears identified all but one of the singers in last week’s “Orpheus” quiz.  

The one wrong answer in Leitbreite’s final entry was No. 15, which was correctly guessed in several previous attempts, so I’m calling this one the clear-cut winner.

For the curious among you, here’s the complete roster of participating singers, venues and dates.

  1. Giulietta Simionato Salzburg 1959
  2. Richard Croft Versailles 2009
  3. David Daniels Met 2007
  4. Fedora Barbieri La Scala 1951
  5. Colin Lee Moscow 2014
  6. Zarah Leander Soundtrack of film Heimat 1938
  7. Huguette Tourangeau Amsterdam 1975
  8. Gabriel Bacquier Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires 1966
  9. Shirley Verrett RAI—Torino 1970
  10. Jochen Kowalski Covent Garden 1991
  11. Rita Gorr Opera-Comique, Paris 1959
  12. Vesselina Kasarova Munich 2003
  13. Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau Carnegie Hall 1967
  14. Bernadette Manca di Nissa La Scala 1988
  15. Bejun Mehta Salzburg 2014
  16. Kathleen Ferrier Amsterdam 1951

Leitbreite will soon be the proud model of a parterre  box t-shirt created by CafePress.