One of parterre’s most-requested features has returned, cher public, thanks to our indefatigable anthologist Chris Corwin. Your task this week: Name That Orpheus!  

In the following sound clip you will hear 16 artists performing the final stanza of the celebrated lament “Che farò senza Euridice” of dear maestro Gluck. Your task is to penetrate the tangle of keys, vocal ranges, genders and languages to name the 16 performers in the correct order. (Please note that all but one of these recordings is from a live performance.)

The first reader to name all singers correctly in the correct order in the comments section will win a crisp new parterre box t-shirt. In the unlikely event that no participant can name all the artists correctly, the prize will go to the one having the most names correct when the competition ends on Tuesday, November 24 at midnight.

As always, La Cieca’s decisions as to eligibility and any other topic under the sun must be considered irrevocable.

Ready to hear the stones weep? Here you go!