What with all the interest in the recent Rome performances of Aïda (and in part, at least, in Anja Harteros‘s approach to the high C in the Nile aria), La Cieca thought it would be fun to hear how some divas of the past and present have coped with that very challenging phrase. And, just for funsies, she decided to make it into a competition in which you can participate after the jump.  

The following sound clip (devised by the ever-meticulous Christopher Corwin) consists of a veritable gamut of sopranos, 20 of them in fact, attempting the great arching phrase at the climax of “O patria mia.” Your task, cher public, will be to name the artists in the comments section. The first parterrian to name all 20 in the correct order (or, should no one accomplish this feat, the commenter who identifies the most correctly at the time the contest ends) will win the prize of a coveted Amazon Gift Card in the amount of $100.00.. The closing date is Thursday, March 12, 2015 at midnight.  

In case of a tie, the earliest timestamped of the tying comments will be declared the winner. All decisions will be made by La Cieca, which I don’t think I need to tell you implies finality.

Ready? Start listening!