Now that cold war thriller The Manchurian Candidate is on track to become an opera, La Cieca naturally will turn to you, the cher public, for production advice for the upcoming opus.

Yes, it’s another parterre competition! In the comments section below, you are to offer casting for the following principal roles:

  1. Major Bennett Marco
  2. Raymond Shaw
  3. Eugenie Rose Chaney
  4. Mrs. Eleanor Shaw Iselin
  5. Chunjin
  6. Senator John Yerkes Iselin
  7. Jocelyn Jordan

You are encouraged to offer a rationale for your casting of each role, e.g., that a given singer has enjoyed success as a similar character type. La Cieca’s blue ribbon panel of experts will select a winner in each of two categories: Most Plausible and Most Fanciful/Amusing. Upon each winner will be bestowed a coveted Gift Card.

All entries must be date-stamped prior to midnight on Friday, November 16, and the decision of your doyenne’s panel is, as always, utterly final.