David Daniels (left) headlines a special sneak preview of The Enchanted Island on Wednesday, December 7 at The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space. Also on hand will be Danielle de Niese, Lisette Oropesa and Luca Pisaroni, plus the pasticcio’s creative team, writer Jeremy Sams and director-designer team Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch. Midge Woolsey hosts. Tickets are $25.oo, but a very clever parterrrian has the chance to attend gratis, as detailed after the jump.  

Yes, cher public, it’s another competition, and the winner receives two free tickets to this Enchanted Island preview. Your task: “pastichify” a popular opera, which in this case means improving the work by interpolating a number from a different source.

For example, you might find the third act love scene between Turandot and Calaf a bit cold, in need of some additional lyricism. So why not have the tenor serenade the icy princess with “Dein ist mein ganzes Herz?

You have until Monday, December 5 at midnight to submit your “pastiche.” The best comment (as judged by La Cieca) will win its author a pair of passes to the Enchanted Island preview.

Photo: Nick Heavican/Metropolitan Opera Background by Julian Crouch