Reactions to the Zambello Ring may have been mixed, but the response to the Parterrian meet-ups was roaringly positive, as shown by the massive turnout for the last pre-Götterdämmerung brunch. So here (well, actually, not here, but rather after the jump) are the faces behind some of the monikers. 

From L to R, going upstage along the table: Jumping Clapping Man, Johan, Bart, Axel, Richard, Michael, CruzSF; turning the corner and coming downstage again, Baritenor, Thomas, Frank, Hank, M.Croche and Dan. Your own Batty was taking the picture—unfortunately, not very competently; I will testify on oath that every one of these guys is handsomer in real life than I made them look here.

Other distinguished brunchers included Bluecabochon, Peter, SF Guy, The Other Dan and Joe Q—not to mention all the additional friends who showed up in the house but couldn’t make it to brunch. It was an absolute treat meeting everyone. And a special thank you again to Peter for dealing with the reservations.

These get-togethers have been so much fun. I hope Parterrians in other parts of the world will feel encouraged to try the same thing!

(Ring photo by Cory Weaver)