UPDATE: La Cieca has just heard from Rosalind Elias‘s management with the news that the veteran mezzo will indeed transfer to Broadway with the Kennedy Center company of Follies. Apparently Playbill was given erroneous information.

According to Playbill, when the Kennedy Center’s revival of the Stephen Sondheim classic Follies is brought to Broadway later this summer for an extended run, Met legend Rosalind Elias—who played “Heidi Schiller” in Washington—will not join the rest of the cast. So, cher public, let’s play casting director for a moment. Who should play this cameo role, a character described as “a 90-year old Broadway legend, whose ringing soprano inspired the operetta kings to produce their lushest waltzes?”

Note that Heidi was created on Broadway in 1971 by Justine Johnston and has since been interpreted by (among others) Adele Leigh, Licia Albanese, Marta Eggerth Kiepura, Yma Sumac, Joan Roberts, Marni Nixon and Lucine Amara.