caligula-helen-mirrenEverybody loves an orgy. But, in the words of Betsy Ann Bobolink (pictured), “a really good orgy takes preparation, and I don’t mean Preparation H.”

Our Betsy continues (discussing, I mean) after the jump.

Betsy continues:

Length is important.

And it should include something no one has ever done before.

Timing is critical.

But at least we have a place.

The La Cieca Chat Room will be open this weekend for virtually non-stop opera listening and verbal mauling coinciding with the Free Trial of the Met Player.

We need to set specific times and specific operas, and I am soliciting input from everyone. Go to the MetPlayer index where you can browse through the list of nearly 300 archive items and let me know what you would like to have on the schedule.

More importantly, suggest a time slot. This event should be convenient for the Antipodes folks and the Europeans as well as the New Yorkers and Left Coasters.

Make your suggestions either as a reply to this post, or to House Of Bobolink.  I’ll collate all the responses and work out a schedule.

I’m so excited; I haven’t been to an orgy in years. Let’s see, what should I wear?