beach-readingLa Cieca was thinking that what with all the reading ye cher public are doing at the beach (or, more likely, bars and steam rooms and museums or wherever you hole up) it might be an interesting experiment to convene a virtual (i.e., online) book discussion. Except, instead of Oprah’s Book Club, this will be Opera’s Book Club — get it?

UPDATE: So, it seems like there is sufficient interest in Mawrdew Czgowchwz to nominate this book as the maiden voyage of Opera’s Book Club. If you don’t already have a copy of this seminal tome, first, shame on you! and second, you can purchase a copy from or, if you’re feeling particularly strapped and your library doesn’t carry Mawrdew (shame on them!), but still want to participate in the Club, please email La Cieca and she’ll see about getting a copy to you.)

Since some of you will have to wait a few days start the Mawrdolatry, how about we schedule the first chat for a week from tomorrow, Friday the 23rd? In the meantime, please continue your suggestions for further reading in the comments section below.

EARLIER: So, the idea would be that those inclined to discuss would need to come into possession of the book in question, read the thing, and then La Cieca would put up an “anchor” posting as a location for the comments.

Your doyenne has an idea for the first selection, but she is of course, as always, open to nominations.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in doing?