alagna_updateAccording to an Angela Gheorghiu fansite (and what more reliable source could La Cieca ask?), the raven-tressed diva stated in an interview on Romanian television that she and current husband Roberto Alagna have no current plans to change their current matrimonial status.

Says Gheorghiu, with a straight face:

We have ups and downs. Roberto doesn’t want to divorce. I try to understand this…. I wanted [a divorce] at some point. Because of our job we don’t get to see each other for long time. During the last few years we parted more and more because of our repertoire. This was one of the main reasons. And there was also jealousy. My Romanian temper made me say “stop.” But he’s trying to give me the freedom I need in order to feel comfortable…. For the moment we won’t divorce. Peace of mind is very important for me. And he keeps telling me that we should move on to the next level of our relationship.

La Cieca is of course as mystified as you, cher public, as to what that “next level” might possibly involve, but… well, one can only hope.