Friedrich Schorr as Schwanda der DudelsackpfeiferMy post about Nielsen’s Maskarade outraged only a few of you, and inspired a passionate discussion about what works we’d like to see at the New New Met. (Thank you, Hans Lick, for your very complete wish list!)

You are each now invited to vote for your three most longed-for revivals or premieres at the Met.

Rules after the jump.

  1. Only three operas! In no particular order.
  2. Support your argument, if you wish, but be brief! (A couple of sentences for each is fine.)
  3. The work must be have never been performed at the Met, or not performed since 1950, or must be Weber’s Der Freischütz.

The operas receiving the most votes will be tallied and announced here.

There are no prizes.
Now get to work!
(Photo: Friedrich Schorr as Schwanda der Dudelsackpfeifer)