Once again we have an email from a budding member of the cher public (and you know La Cieca never could resist a budding member), so put on your thinking caps, cher hive mind, and offer a little advice: 

I would like to learn more about the Ring cycle, I only know the orchestral “good parts” and wonder if you or your chers could recommend which DVD set I should try: The traditional Met production with James Morris, The Chereau/Bayreuth with Dame Gwyneth, or the newer Copenhagen with the flappers, naked swimmer and Valkyries on top of the Chrysler Building(?) Or another I don’t know about. I’m surprised the Seattle “green” Ring hasn’t been filmed and look forward to Robert LePage at the Met. But in the meantime….

In making your recommendations, cher public, please feel free to use YouTube and the Macy’s Accessory Wall, thoughtfully.