Well, all La Cieca can think is that the New York City Opera has just plain decided to win your doyenne over, because otherwise how can you explain why the company would present an art installation that combines her two very favorite things in the entire universe, i.e., couture and explosions?

The installation, part of the “exploding couture” series by E.V. Day, will adorn the Promenade of the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center with “dynamic sculptures made from a selection of vintage City Opera costumes and costume accessories… dramatically suspended overhead in exuberant simulated motion.”

I mean, it’s like they are reading my mind.

This exhibition will definitely rank as a must-see even if it is one-tenth as, ahem, exuberant as the artist’s description of her work:

I want the sculptures to channel and release the energy that flows into these garments from the characters who wear them. I want to fill the space with the lyricism and bravura of opera, and show off the fascinating architecture of panniers, bustles, crinolines and codpieces.

The only thing more mad! mad! mad! that La Cieca can imagine would be to hear that previous blockquote read aloud in George Steel‘s dulcet tones, but probably it’s just as well he didn’t say it because she would probably just keel over with delight.

Mrs. Vreeland is smiling somewhere. La Cieca just knows it.