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The seasons alter

It takes a lot from you commenters to surprise La Cieca, but this time she was frankly bowled over by the depth and breadth of your imagination. Choosing winners in the “Steel Yourself” competition was one of the most difficult judging tasks she ever set herself, but somehow she managed to narrow the field down to a single superative season in each category. Read more »

Steel yourself

Now that the New York City Opera season has bogged down, and while we’re waiting for reports of the Met’s 2012-13 programming (old news!), La Cieca thinks it would be fun for the cher public to play George Steel (or, given the difficulty of the task, Superman) and devise an upcoming season for NYCO. Details after the jump. Read more »

“ZERO dollars!”

“City Opera Management has passed on an offer from the unions representing its musicians and singers that could have saved the company some much-needed cash. The proposal would have required members of the New York City opera to perform for free in the 2011-2012 season.” [NY1]

Must… reach… endowment…

The Man of Steel is in danger again, this time from a new gang of supervillains: Lila and DeWitt Wallace. [NYT]

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Steel me, sweet thief

La Cieca’s spies tell her that the New York City Opera plans an extremely ambitious season for 2011-2012, with vast expansions of repertory and number of performances.

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Careless whisper

La Cieca has heard that, not to be outdone by Peter Gelb‘s discovery of hot young directors like Luc Bondy and Patrice Chéreau, NYCO’s George Steel is boldly leaping forward into the 20th century by signing up Peter Sellars for a series of productions. In other music news, everyone down at Danceteria is just wild for that new girl singer Madonna.

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Gettin’ Ligeti Wit It

When invited to participate in a discourse on artistic standards (hello, internet!), it’s easy — pleasurable, even — for an aesthete to bray about “the fall.” Where are the true heldentenors? Your kingdom for a Callas! (Or a Stratas, or a Rysanek!) And might the public, at long last, deserve a stable of directors who possess the good sense to avoid both the trope-y familiar as well as the ill-advised pathways of, ugh, the modern?

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Century of progress?

New York City Opera has announced its 2010-2011 season, and it looks like La Cieca’s precognitions were about 90% correct. (Please, hold your applause.)

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