… but La Cieca finally got the chance to get her beauty winks last night following a weekend of moving house. The Sunnyside Studios (where our editor JJ and his lovely vis-a-vis cohabit) are now on the ultra-fashionable northern side of Queen Boulevard, and it looks like they got out while the getting was good, because only a couple of weeks ago La Cieca saw a hipster on the old block, so you know that part of Sunnyside is doomed, I tell you, doomed.

Anyway, in the meantime, “felonthropist” Alberto Vilar was convicted on all counts, which of course sent your doyenne on frantic search of Google Images to find a photo of the convictee with his old buddy Joe Volpe. Alas, every such image has gone down the oubliette, figuratively speaking.

Anyway, the broadband internet is finally working at the new place, and so La Cieca will stop with the Roberto Aronica act and start showing up once in a while. (Marcello Giordani can’t do it all, you know!)