“Unnatural Acts of Opera” — that’s what La Cieca is calling her new opera podcast. The “unnatural” in this case has nothing to do with sodomy or lasciviousness, but she’s sure she can hold your interest anyway, with extraordinary opera performances presented one act at a time. (Get it?) La Cieca stessa will offer commentary before the acts and will remain silent during the music. (You’re welcome.)

La Cieca will begin the series by breaking her own rule, first of all by featuring an opera simply dripping with perversity, and second, by offering three programs (i.e., an entire opera) at once. (Don’t count on her being so open-handed in future!)

Kicking off, then, is Puccini’s Turandot from a 1977 live performance starring Montserrat Caballe, Luciano Pavarotti, Leona Mitchell and Giorgio Tozzi. For more information on this premiere podcast, go to the new parterre podcast page.