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Fun laughs good times

Fasten your belts: the legendary performance of “Hey Big Spender” by Marilyn Horne, Carol Burnett and Eileen Farrell has shown up on YouTube. 

  • Baron Douphol

    It doesn’t get any better than this

    • berkeleygirl

      No, it really doesn’t. It reminds of me of hearing Farrell say that you can’t teach opera singers how to sing Broadway/pop. They either instinctively know how to do it, or they don’t, and that few actually can. She and Jackie Horne most certainly did -- and how!!!

  • Dan Patterson

    What a thrill! Gone are those days!

  • MisterSnow

    Although it is only an audio, here is another number by this trio

  • MisterSnow

    I remember reading about this show in Horne’s autobiography. Here is the full show. The skits are not as good as later years of the show, but Horne and Farrell are a hoot.