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A hole in the Hedda

Hopper“Hopper’s Wife, a chamber opera with music by Stewart Wallace set to an obscenity-strewn text by Michael Korie, turned out to be the most unpleasant piece as I’ve heard since NYCO’s notorious fiasco The Dreyfus Affair, two decades ago.” (Dido and Aeneas, on the other hand, was mighty fine!) [Observer]

  • Milly Grazie

    Great review! Helpful, concise and insightful.
    I spilled my coffee howling as I read, “Melanie Long (Ava) shoved her light mezzo into a belt register so high only Idina Menzel could hear it.” LOL

  • derschatzgabber

    I am baffled my Stewart Wallace’s career as an opera composer. Even after the significant revisions that Lotfi Mansouri and Donald Runnicles required before Harvey Milk was performed in San Francisco, it still wasn’t a very interesting opera. But Harvey Milk was at least better than The Bonesetters Daughter. Has anyone seen Where’s Dick? Was it good enough to justify commissioning more operas by Mr. Wallace?