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City of dreams

With issue #42a, “City of Dreams,” parterre box the queer opera zine returned at least temporarily to a rational numbering system. Somewhat less than rational, however, were that issue’s contents: La Cieca delights in Der Ring Gott Farblonjet at Show World; Manuela Haltertop thickens the plot of “All About Steve”; Dr. Repertoire answers in exhaustive depth questions from the cher public; John Yohalem introduces us to the concept of “Shamanic Opera-going”; and we hear reports of performances from Vienna to San Francisco courtesy of Dawn Fatale, Fils de Brahma and Gertie Dammerung. [Download Issue #42a]

  • Is La Cieca going through these issues chronologically? And if so, what happened to the first 30 issues?

  • armerjacquino

    Another good spot here in the young Netrebko’s Zerlina…

    • Cocky Kurwenal

      Your mention of an outstanding young Zerlina prompted me to go and see what had become of Glyndebourne’s from the 2010 tour, Eliana Pretorian. What a dreadful story this is:

      Here’s hoping she can get her career going again, if that’s what she wants -- it was a ravishingly beautiful voice that she used with amazing natural instincts.

      • MontyNostry

        That story also worried me, since I thought Pretorian was delightful the one time I saw her -- as the Vixen in an evening of scenes presented by the National Opera Studio. But I hear from a reliable source that she has got married (to someone well-to-do) and has had a couple of kids and that life is quite good for her.

  • MontyNostry

    I see the Met’s Brits/pseudo-Brits were getting a hard time even then.