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Stocking stuffer

Randal Turner, pictured above, is but one of 33 barihunks featured in—who ever would have guessed?— “the first Barihunks calendar,” just in time for holiday giving and receiving. All proceeds from the calendar, available at the Barihunks site, will be donated to young artist programs. (Photo by Sarah Wells)

  • When you think about it, it is rather amazing that this is the first barihunks calendar. I take that the absence of famous names (like Gunn, Hvor and Kwiecen) has to do with copyright permission.

    • brooklynpunk

      Wow…. that ‘s almost close( less 3?) to THREE hunks a month…!!

  • manou

    A classic case of abnormally developed pilous system, it seems.

    • OK, now that I’ve googled “pilous system”, are you talking about skin?

      • manou

        I am talking about pubic hair.

        • Right. I finally get the joke.

        • Bianca Castafiore

          Oh manouesque, I just knew the cher pubic would just be out and about.

  • OpinionatedNeophyte

    All I want for Christmas is Nathan Gunn singing this song shirtless on a white bear skin rug before a roaring fire.

    • cgambol

      OpinionatedNeophyte -- I love Elliott, just saw him perform last night in an LA club… small world, ain’t it?

      BTW -- Picture Mr. Gunn, in a perfectly-tailored white crepe suit in the LA Opera production of Barbiere; heaven. The fit over his thighs? Intoxicating….

  • operaassport

    Well, that got me going this afternoon. Now I’ve got to wipe off my monitor.

  • Bianca Castafiore

    Il ragazzo above is nice, but why can’t men ever work on their legs as well as the upper bodies?

    • cgambol

      Bianca -- bite your tongue! Shaved men = the fall of Western Gay civilazation.

      • Bianca Castafiore

        cgambol, I said work on their legs, as in work out their legs, not just the upper bodies. Said nothing about shaving.

      • armerjacquino

        I don’t think Bianca was talking about shaving- ‘work on’ suggests the gym to me.

        • cgambol

          So sorry, I did think you were referring to fur. And I do agree; beautiful torsos stacked on top of tooth picks is a sad sight.

      • OpinionatedNeophyte


      • OpinionatedNeophyte

        How delightful that we share an appreciation for Elliott Yamin and furry men. To codify our new BFF status I offer you (and all of the Parterre-verse) this gift.

        • cgambol

          Hairylujah indeed! Amico, mon ami, BFF, lost cousin… we share so much. I too, used to be a Neophyte of course that was many opera seasons ago. Furr, Jewish soul singers, musica lyrica … the world can be a wonderful place. The attached link is really woofy.

        • reedroom


      • aulus agerius

        Personally, I’m a complete fool for a hairy leg. Alas, there seems to be a lot fewer of them than in the good old days -- including my own. Folks down here in the Lone Star wear a lot less clothes most of the year (I’m sitting here in shorts and shirtless a week before T’giving) so I have plenty of opportunity to survey the territory.

    • Alto

      While I heartily agree with your point about torsos and lower limbs, I don’t see that the hunk above is in any way deficient in the leg department. Those seem like very fine legs to me. Lickable, even.

  • Nerva Nelli

    Too bad Randal Turner ( at NYCO this season to assure a good notice from TT) like Liam Bonner and Daniel Okulitch and several other barihunks, are so disappointingly ordinary from the point of vocalism.

    Nice that they have other artistic assets.

  • Bianca Castafiore

    Totally OT: does anyone else think the Met’s season right now is the MOST boring ever? I mean, Rodelinda, Satyagraha, Boheme, Giovanni — YAAAAAWWWWNNNNN… The only salvation this week is Nabucco — I need some big Italian screaming or I’ll go crazy. Not only it features the fabulous Matos, but someone named Amber Wagner is making her Met debut as Anna.

    Glad to skip that scooping, cooing, meowing impostor pretender hussy with the rich husband singing the most boring Handel work ever — saw it a few years back, not only she was in it but there were countertenors in it!!!!!!!!

    • phoenix

      So many scooping, cooing, meowing imposters (most of whom have lost their voice already years ago) over the last few seasons it’s a bit difficult to gauge, but this season is particularly disappointing, as you say Bianca. Yes, the overwhelmingly prevalent mediocrity of the singing in the traditional rep this season is quite obvious, however no performance has hit the lowest of the low level yet: the worst singing I ever heard attempted at the Met: Voigt’s Senta in the prima of fliegende Holländer in 2010.

      • Bianca Castafiore

        Fenice adorata, wasn’t speaking necessarily about the singing, which I agree, can be abominably bad in Gleb’s house, I was talking about the repertory. But I disagree with you, I bet Voigt’s Fanciullas were worse than her Senta, although I wasn’t there for Fliegende Hollander. I heard her cover Lori Phillips went on once, and she was good.

        I was comparing this season with past ones — even last season was more interesting, with Boris Godunov, Tosca, Pique Dame, Wozzeck, … much more interesting and dramatic. Although I lament the lack of Strauss…

        Whatever happened to Debbie — I saw her in Ballo around 2005, and she was ok, not bad, not memorable, but none the filth she delivers today. So much for Gleb’s stars. I no longer will hear La Phlegming nor Void, if I can help it.

        • phoenix

          I do remember Voigt’s house debut at the Met over 20 years ago, also in Ballo, and it was also ok but not memorable. She did give some good (and a few great) performances later on. But it has been almost a decade since then …

          • Camille

            Heia, Phoenix! Why aren’t you listening to Rodelina?

          • phoenix

            I don’t like Handel; I am musically compromised by operas composed before 1800. They just don’t hold my interest… got a short attention span for such music, ya’ know

          • Bianca Castafiore

            Fenice & Camellia adorate, I used to see so much Handel, several at NYCO -- Alcina, Acis & Galatea, Rinaldo, plus a truly mediocre Poppea at BAM, in addition to the Met’s Rodelinda. I am Handeled out. The Rinaldo was fun though (Goerke plus 3 — ugh — CTs).

            Fenice, I might be wrong about Debbie’s Ballo I saw, it might have been even earlier, around 2003. I think her voice was gone by 2005…

          • Camille

            Randal looks like a beige Proust.

        • m. croche

          If you like Boris and Wozzeck, then surely you’re cool with the upcoming Khovanshchina and Makropoulos…

    • ianw2

      Actually, the mere fact that not only is the Met doing Satyagraha, but it is a REVIVAL is a big tick in my books.

    • Horror Bianca! Someone should make them stand up straight, sing up properly, and behave like men for once! That kind of thing is ok for the Bee Gees but it has no place on an opera stage…well, it’s not natural is it?

  • mrmyster

    Well, if I may interject music and singing here for a moment, take
    a look at that Minnesota calendar website and give ear to the
    Earl King (Schubert) as sung by Philippe Sly. Is it just me, or is
    this an unusually lovely voice with lots of range and intelligence
    behind it? That damn big piano — well played, but much too
    loud! There should be a law requiring all recital accompanists
    to put the grand piano on short stick for recitals. Anyone

    • Earl King?

      • luvtennis

        Tooooo funny.

        Now I know why all those German Lieder singers sound so frightened by him. Except for Brigitte F. who just sounds frightening.

        • Camille

          Greetings luvtennis.
          Miss you lately.
          Anymore on Aida coming our way? Yesterday I heard an old Sirius broadcast of Aida with the Pav, Tomowa-Sintow, and Cossotto singing Amneris as flat as a pancake. Best regards, C.

  • DharmaBray

    I can’t wait for the collaboration between the good gentlemen at BUTT Magazine and those of Barihunks… at which point I will place my order for a pallet load.

  • zinka

    This is a STUUUUPID calendar…I have my own:

    January Richard Tucker (1.98 toupee)
    February Jan Peerce (In Faust the devil gave him the wrong potion)
    March Kurt Baum
    April Lauritz Melchior
    May Beniamino igli
    June Osie Hawkins
    July Richard Simmons
    August Mari Lynn
    September Sidney Greenstreet
    October Rudy Bing
    November Herman Goering
    December Charlie Handelman (well…someone once said i had nice legs)

  • operagirl40

    This calendar is full of major bodies………..too bad they’re not really major voices!