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a fool among fools

“It’s been long enough, Ephraim.” JudyCast has decided to join the human race again!

  • Miss Kitty Litter

    Brilliant! What a talent.

  • DirtyErda

    As long as there are Gay Men Judy will never die. She lives in our hearts and signs in our soul.

  • Operalala

    Is that a lampshade on her head?

  • Boushh!!!!

  • The days of gays ‘relating’ to tragic tortured figures IS OVER! Talk about trying to perpetuate iconic forms of risible self mockery. All this Garland-Davis-Crawford crap! Long ago, I decided with others to not take shit from the rest of the population. Instead, work to demand our equal rights since we pay equal taxes and therefore ‘kick in a few store fronts’ to gain attention.
    It is miraculous to see what happens when people threaten with ‘friendly persuasion’ to pull the carpet and the closet over from under self righteous politicians,especially those with ‘too much to hide’. As they fear their personal hypocrisies may just be revealed to all, politicans certainly come around to seeing other points of view, even perhaps changing a few things legislatively . The stories that ‘could be told’.

  • Cocky Kurwenal


  • doug

    hurrah! love the barbara “it’s still illegal” snippet.

  • Caption to picture; Miss Garland, towards the end of her career was asked to star in ‘Valley of the Hello… Dollies’ but found the role too exhausting to continue participating.

  • No Expert

    Off the subject. On yesterday morning’s rerun of “What’s My Line?” on the Game Show Network one of the mystery guests was a 28-yr-old Thomas Schippers. The panel wasn’t required to put on their masks, but Mr. Schippers did sign in as Mr. X. I was surprised that he stumped the group. But the panelists got confused trying to figure out how he could be in the entertainment industry but not a singer, dancer, actor, writer, or someone behind the scenes. Eventually Arlene Francis guessed conductor, but still couldn’t make the connection to opera. John Daly, the moderator, mentioned that Mr. Schippers had just finished “doing all the Gian-Carlo Menotti”. The episode originally ran in December of 1958

  • brian

    don’t relate to judy because she is a tragic figure. relate to her for her incredible talent and her capacity for making people smile.

  • pavel

    Cocky -- LOL

  • voyagerx

    #8, considering the headress,don’t you mean doilies

  • WindyCityOperaman

    “Where were you when Judy died?”

    Sitting in the back seat of my parent’s station wagon coming back from church. On the radio they announce that the body of Judy Garland was found in a London apartment bathroom. I remember mother saying, “Oh, she had a hard life.” Later that day took my sister to the movie theatre to see Franco Zefirelli’s “Romeo and Juliet” complete with that nice view of Leonard Whitting’s ass. Later that week Stonewall riots in NYC. I was 13 years old. Memories!

  • ‘Rigor mortis’ on a toilet seat is not what anyone would call the fashionable ‘way to go’.