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“Oh, Mary, was I wasted last night!  After a few ‘Rene Flemings’ I was so polluted that I mistook Rufus Wainwright for a girl! Hey, wait a minute. There’s no alcohol in this drink…” [The Martha Blog]

  • brooklynpunk

    Martha better lay off those Cocktails , while she’s blogging—-surely the MET doesn’t have a capacity of—38,000--as she wrote?—(It feels that way sometimes, waiting on line for the john…)

  • brooklynpunk


    Besides that rather bizarre “Judy-channeling” Carnegie Hall concert, Rufus W. is a pretty talented singer/-song-writer--he generally puts on a rather good show, in concert; and comes from an established folk-music family backround.

  • homicidal_emily

    Stratas doesn’t AT ALL look older than 70, she’s hip, sounds strong, moves like a 35 yo. The mind is very sharp, what’s wrong with you people?

  • kashania

    I’d love more details on the Stratas event. She’s a very special artist.

  • armerjacquino

    I’m a big fan of RW’s original music- I didn’t bother with the Carnegie Hall CD because I can’t stand Judy Garland *hands back badge*- especially his most recent album, ‘Release The Stars’ which has some extraordinary music on it.

    By the way, if you’ve seen ‘Shrek’ you’ve heard him sing- it’s his version of ‘Alleluia’ on the soundtrack.

  • kashania

    Like Rufus the songwriter. Don’t like Rufus the singer.

  • emmy di liverpool

    Lordy, people; does the Voice now have her own special firewater? What next? Her own motor oil, vanilla pudding, chip dip, lawn mowers, canary seed? RF must be Stopped! I’m still deep into Daisy Fuentes bed sheets.

  • Charo

    with the cash it must take to buy those two brands of champagne Martha mixed for the R cocktail I could bail out AIG. And what will happen if the orange is not “bright” enough? Will Martha come to get me? I did have a love thing for her once after I watched her bake the perfect cherry pie.

  • Winston Smith

    Both Wainwright and Stratas are Canadian!

  • Lucky Pierre

    did anyone go see gioconda? how did debbie sound?

  • Miss Kitty Litter

    “I still haven’t quite figured out who Rufus Wainright is and why he is suddenly a celebrity.” -- paddypig

    Great point. I don’t find his music or his voice enjoyable in the least. He’s just peculiar to my way of thinking.

  • -Ed.

    I quite like Rufus’s voice and (most) songs. His ‘Poses’ CD from 2002 is still in my regular play rotation pile. My attraction is more nostalgic than objective though, that CD helped fill a jagged void in my life at the time.

  • Lucky Pierre

    i don’t know rufus’ work at all but lately i have been listening to his “going to town” on youtube, and i like this song a lot.

  • neiln007

    Just to follow up on the Stratus question -- she was outstanding and didn’t look anywhere 70 but she was just as intense as always and very protective of certain periods of her life such as Lenya’s last weeks which she would not share. The videos were exceptional including a never seen excerpt from the Met Lulu which exists in a rehearsal tape. Joe Volpe was in the balcony and Racette was in the audience.

  • Calpete

    Someone please tell me Martha’s dress wasn’t a shmata. Every photo I’ve seen of her in this thing makes it look as though it’s held together with pins, Scotch tape and a little bit of Hallmark giftwrap ribbon, with a horse blanket thrown over it for good measure. What happened to her sublime good taste when she was out shopping for this? Are we supposed to believe she can’t afford decent clothes and a few serious jewels?

  • Krunoslav

    “Why, Martha-- your Sunday chapel dress!”

  • WindyCityOperaman

    I heard the CD of Wainwright’s Judy concert last weekend.