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great minds

Congratulations to borkmann, Dr. Hoffmann, Micaëla, emiliadiLiverpool, rysanekfreak and Enrico who all came up with the solution to our most recent Regiequiz. The opera presented is Wagner’s Tannhäuser in a new production by Hans Neuenfels for the Aalto Musiktheater Essen.

  • Hans Lick

    I knew it. Rake’s Progress! It was on the tip of tongue. Norma was further back, around tonsil level.

  • I’m all for nutty konzept if it’s inspired, but is this set in a mental instittion? Because that is beyond stale.

  • jatm2063

    I watched the video. How original, to set an opera in an asylum. The production is an excresence, but somehow you can’t take your eyes off of it.

  • Sanford

    Hans, your talk about tonsil levels reminded me of the pezzo d’amore. It took my mind off of “Penetrating Wagner’s Ring”. So did this production of Tannhauser.

  • kvetch

    That is truely pathetic…(not that people were able to guess--but they most have powers beyond the ones a mere shlub like me have-lol)

    What reaction did the audience give the Regie , for this?

  • Berlinfan

    I generally dislike Neuenfels productions, but in all fairness--and not having seen anything more of this production than the clip here--there is something to what appears to be casting Wolfram as a doctor, administering Tannhaeuser’s “recovery.” After all, what he suffers from is, ultimately, a kind of split personality, and the resolution at the end of the opera is entirely unconvincing--as Wagner himself admitted. It would appear that what Neuenfels is staging here is the utterly predictable--and necessarily doomed--normativity of Tannhaeuser’s self-proclaimed redemption.

    Whether or not this works for Neunfels’s entire staging I don’t know, but at least as far as this clip is concerned I don’t think it’s particularly off the mark.

  • Berlinfan

    Here’s a laudatory review of the Essen production (including the gossip that Neuenfels will stage Lohengrin at Bayreuth in 2010):

  • David Utterback

    What is happening to the world of Regie?! Production after production consisting of nothing but tired cliches (not another asylum production) that have lost their ability to shock. Maybe the concept of this production is the (shocking?) intentional use of the “I’m only doing this part of the staging because the director told me to” approach. Typically this acting style is discouraged in beginning actors/singers/opera students.

  • Regina delle fate

    The Madhouse! Hahaha! That tired old Regietheater cliché of the 1980s. Can’t he come up with anything better than that? The rumour that such an old-hat director as Neuenfels might do the next Bayreuth Lohengrin should be no surprise. Yet another reason for leaving Der grüne Hügel off the international itinerary. None of Bayreuth’s forthcoming plans have anything to make the pulses race, except perhaps for Regietheater junkies.