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Tragedy tonight

I always approach an opera by Richard Wagner with a touch of trepidation. First you really need to be paying attention to the text because his characters are talking, talking talking. Loquacious to a fault.  Read more »

Sausendes, brausendes Rad der Zeit

At long last, cher public, a finale to our Senta’s Ballad quiz, nearly a month late! The name of the winner and the complete lists of sopranos after the jump.  Read more »

Ein Wolf war er feigen Füchsen!

Matt Baume, whose indispensable podcast The Sewers of Paris has been noted here before, also plays video games online while people watch and comment, which is apparently a thing. (Don’t ask your doyenne, who is still working on the first level of Asteroids.)

So, anyway, last week we game in question was The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery, in which the plot hinges on the discovery and premiere of a previously unknown Wagner opera about werewolves. So here’s Matt enjoying the gripping final scene of Der Fluch des Engelhart, the music for which is not in fact by the Meister, but rather by Robert Holmes. Read more »


I can scarcely remember a performance where so many conflicting thoughts raced through my mind as happened Thursday night during the Met Orchestra’s “bleeding chunks” of Wagner’s Ring at Carnegie Hall.

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Tanks a lot, but no tanks

The production by Sebastian Baumgarten is the type of regietheater that’s not a rethinking or reconstruction, but just a hot mess.

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Herrn Tristan bringe meinen Gruss

Our dear friends over at Opera Depot are slashing prices in half on all their recordings of Tristan und Isolde in honor of the music drama’s 150th anniversary.

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Love it to death

Mariusz Trelinski will direct Tristan und Isolde for Metropolitan Opera in a production that will premiere there on opening night 2016.

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No such Gluck

When Richard Wagner reached into the past and revised Gluck’s Iphigénie en Aulide, he went beyond the accepted boundaries of tinkering and more or less created a new work that’s fomented aesthetic debates ever since.

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