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Vicious hack defiles corpse

Venomous fishwife Norman Lebrecht has gleefully seized upon the death of beloved diva Montserrat Caballé to use her scarcely-cold cadaver as a club to attack (who else) his life-long nemesis Peter GelbRead more »

New Yorker prepares for breastfeeding

For your pleasure: visit Fake Norman Stories and see AI-generated Slipped Disc headlines.

The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Lebrecht

“Booed! Acclaimed! Booed! Acclaimed!” Put down the potion, Norman. Read more »

Lessons in love and vehemence

All the more reason to admire the already splendiferous Barbara Hannigan as she gently and tactfully slaps down the obstreperous Norman Lebrecht.

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Don Pasquale di Correzione

Norman Lebrecht reveals himself once more to be no observer at all.

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“It all depends on whose ox is being gored”

One thing Norman Lebrecht does better than anyone in the business: whipping up a racist frenzy.

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Winter meeting: the top ten parterre posts for February 2018

Even the news of the Met’s upcoming season and coverage of important revivals of Semiramide and Parsifal couldn’t hold a candle to the cher public’s interest in the star pairing of Sonya Yoncheva and Michael Fabiano.

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Quote unquote

Either venomous fishwife Norman Lebrecht has deliberately misquoted and misinterpreted what Jonas Kaufmann said in a recent interview, or else Jonas Kaufmann needs to go fuck himself.

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