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Happy National Coming Out Day

“Love is love,” tweets tenor Michael Fabiano.

Old friends

Now, if there’s one thing I know about authorial intentions, it is that Verdi totally wanted the first act of La traviata to look like a dinner dance reunion for the class of 1988.

U mad?

It is a common internet warning that one should never read the comments—least of all on YouTube, where trolls and weirdos reign supreme—but when it comes to opera, the comments section often contains just as much drama, emotion, and humor as the videos themselves.  Read more »

Why can’t a woman be more like a man?

“The background chorus characters in the Broadway show I saw tonight unobtrusively included a gay couple, and jaded though I sometimes am I think that’s really neat.” [@FeldmanAdam]

Embroidered silk

Maria Agresta‘s delicately-acted, sumptuously-sung seamstress transformed what might have been just an average Wednesday night revival into something finer.

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Coffee break

La Cieca (pictured, in her dreams) would like to pause just a moment in her editrixing duties for a spot of housekeeping.

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Tweet charity

La Cieca is positively brimming with excitement to bring you an exclusive interview with @FakeNLebrecht, connoisseur of sick notes, writer of fiction and obituaries.

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The Met: What is to be done?

Coming as Peter Gelb did from the music industry, opera lovers hoped that he would display a more distinctive knack for casting and an improved talent pipeline than Joe Volpe offered during the waning years of his tenure.

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