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Chute and ladders

San Francisco Opera yesterday announced its third major cast change in five days. Richard Croft, who was scheduled to sing a brace of roles in a Fall of the House of Usher double bill has withdrawn from the production “for personal reasons.” Replacing him are Jason Bridges in the Gordon Getty portion of the evening’s entertainment, while Joel Sorensen jumps into the Debussy. [San Francisco Opera]

Room at the top

“Due to illness, soprano Nadine Sierra is unable to perform. Replacing Ms. Sierra in the title role of Lucia is Russian soprano Albina Shagimuratova, who has sung the role to great success at [etc].” [San Francisco Opera]

Pa-Pa-Pa-Planter’s Punch

The story on the season so far: 2015-2016 has been, since its announcement, a little tough to get excited about, but the company San Francisco Opera keeps triumphing over its conservative repertory choices in one way or another. Finally, with a primary color, projection-heavy English-language Magic Flute that’s going to feel like a matinee whenever you see it, the season has lived up to its initial promise.   Read more »

All my Edgardos

Well that’s a terrible place to start a review, and it’s not quite fair to SFO’s Lucia di Lammermoor, but…

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Here’s Lucy

The breaking news from San Francisco Opera is that Nadine Sierra will sing the title role of in a new production of Lucia di Lammermoor, replacing Diana Damrau, who will not.

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