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One furtive tenor

SHOWBIZ Operastar 144450“Mexikanische Startenor” Rolando Villazón has canceled tomorrow night’s performance of L’elisir d’amore at the Munich Opera Festival due to an “acute infection.”  Speaking of “a cute,” substituting in the role of Nemorino will be puppylicious Pavol Breslik. [via]

Sun rises in east

Rolando-Villazon“World class tenor Rolando Villazón is ‘excited'” []

A closer look

rolando-villazonWhat ever would we do without YouTube?

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As of now

Early reports indicate that Rolando Villazón was back in form last night for his return to the stage in L’elisir d’amore at the Vienna Stage Opera.

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Comeback kid

According to first reports, Rolando Villazón enjoyed a much-applauded success earlier this evening at the Vienna State Opera as Nemorino, his first staged opera performance in almost a year.

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Nobody nose

Three seasons of cancellations, a schlocky “reality” show, that haircut, and now… Rolando Villazón has gone full “Dr. Patch.” [Yahoo News]

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Hair raising

Katherine Jenkins, C-list Britpop has-beens… and Rolando Villazón in a ginormous jewfro. No, this does not bode well.

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Alla stagion dei fior

Rolando Villazón has announced the schedule for his next comeback: L’elisir d’amore in Vienna on March 22, followed by Yevgeny Onegin in Berlin March 26 – April 2. [AFP]

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