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“…purely coincidental and not intended”

le_mot_du_jourZinta Lundborg is a writer for Bloomberg News. The opinions expressed are her own.” [Bloomberg]

A goose quill dipped in venom

Now, La Cieca believes in turning a gimlet eye on everyone and everything, you know that. But even your doyenne finds this latest Zinta Lundborg screed, well, harsh is the only word.

… the company’s funereal new logo is a black circle, which evokes thoughts of the deficit or even oblivion. Presenting four performances of “Esther,” starting on Nov. 7, won’t help matters.

A loud work by Hugo Weisgall about the Biblical queen, “Esther” was heard at City Opera in 1993, winning over few fans ….

In the 1950s and 1960s, European immigrants with intellectual tastes supported the company.

They are dead now, as dead as “Esther.”

More from Ms. Lundborg (whose name, by the way, is an anagram for “a burnt old zing”) at

a million here, a million there

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endowment takes another hit

Bloomberg News (your go-to source for bad news about New York City Opera) today laments that the company has “once again reached deep into its endowment.” According to scribe Zinta Lundborg, that endowment has suffered perhaps irreversible shinkage, dwindling from a massive, bulging $51 million in 2001 to a puny, humiliating $3 million currently. Lundborg suggests NYCO has been abusing its endowment by milking it repeatedly; meanwhile, hands-on assistance from deep-pocket donors has still not come. Quite a handful for George Steel, as he, in the words of Anne Midgette, “tries to get it up and running again.”