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Chris and the pirates

Back when I was a good boy, I told my parents that my goal in getting my first job was to earn money for college; however, my real motive was to make my secret wish come true—to be able to consort with “pirates.”   Read more »

Listen like a pirate day

In honor of “Talk Like a Pirate Day” La Cieca invites you, the cher public, to share reminiscences (and, where applicable, YouTube clips) of your favorite pirate recordings. These need not necessarily include the appearance of Maria Callas. Read more »

Saxe and violets

violets“Das neue Traumpaar” offer a duet from a their recent joint role debuts. Read more »

pirates not so scary after all

A new study suggests that milder forms of intellectual property piracy (e.g., file sharing) seem to have no ill effects on the lively production of books, films and music. [NYT]

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booty call

As we approach the new year, La Cieca is gearing herself up to revive the recently dormant Unnatural Acts of Opera. Your doyenne was thinking that an interesting theme for 2009 might be “The Greatest Pirates,” i.e., the most important and impressive live, non-commerical recorded documents of opera. La Cieca is now accepting nominations from the cher public and will open the floor to discussion of the ten most demented and therefore most indispensable of the opera pirates.

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pretty poison

i am my own hd

The latest Newsweek includes a tech piece on a new bit of synergy that may well have opera queen/pirate applications. The idea is that one can attend an event, point and shoot with a video-enabled cellphone, and have the resulting video streamed instantaneously to a website. 

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