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Brazen overtures

The breaking news this morning: Norman Lebrecht is repeating gossip Conrad Osborne heard from Stephen Blier, with “corroboration” from The Studer TrollRead more »

“Höre mit Sinn, was ich dir klatsche!”

Renowned mezzo-soprano Dame Sarah Connolly may have been dropped from the Met’s Ring production, but today she has announced she has invented an entirely new role for herself in the work: Schwätzhilde, a Valkyrie who never actually witnesses any of the dramatic action, but gossips about it anyway.

Not pretty or safe or easy

La Cieca hears that the Théâtre du Châtelet will continue its series of Stephen Sondheim productions with Passion, set to star Natalie Dessay (as Fosca, bien sûr!) and Lambert Wilson, with Fanny Ardant directing. Said Sternstunde will reportedly transpire in March 2016.

No! pazzo son! Guardate!

“La nonna rock è impazzita per Jonas Kaufmann definito il più bel tenore del mondo.”

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A Life in the Theater

Devotees of Dawn Fatale (and you are legion!) will be delighted to hear that the parterre scribe made an early (2001!) appearance in issue #45 of parterre box, the queer opera zine, ranting about the “squish-squish school of opera direction.”

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Daniela abbandonata

Our own Ercole Farnese has alerted La Cieca to a breaking story in Il Secolo XIX: Dessì diserta Genova per amore.

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