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When Caucasians collide

Here’s a charming example of an old European white male quoting another old European white male for the purpose of mansplaining to those silly Asians why they have no business getting offended at ethnic stereotypes. [Slipped Disc]

“Specialist subject, the bleeding obvious”

Jonathan Miller‘s Carmen for Mid Wales Opera has no sexual electricity, complains Rupert Christiansen” [The Telegraph]

Update on great operatic scandals of the 20th century

Noted junk sculptor Dr. Jonathan Miller is now the subject of a biography and it appears he’s mellowed in his old age. Just joking! He’s as bitter and mean as ever, and now he’s even got Nicholas Hytner doing his badmouthing by proxy: “I happened to see that [1998] Figaro which was hijacked by the most disgustingly plush, scandalously self-absorbed conducting I have ever heard [from that] fat monster in the pit, James Levine.” Brits! You can’t live with them and you can’t kill them.   Read more »

Can this “Marriage” be saved?

The performance at the Metropolitan Opera last night proved that yes, it is possible to kill this opera. I don’t know how they managed it, but they did.

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In lieu of donations, send flowers

Avid scoopster Dan Wakin just couldn’t wait until next Tuesday like the rest of us, and so he’s spilled enough details about NYCO’s “next” season to make it bleeding obvious 2011-12 will also be the last. A “new” “production” of La traviata by the undead Dr. Jonathan Miller and the U.S. premiere of the dreck Prima Donna get the nice venue (BAM); for the Telemann opera, be prepared to trek to El Museo del Barrio.  

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Contant complainer continues cranky

“[Dr. Jonathan] Miller openly wonders if his defiantly naturalistic approach to opera makes him unfashionable in an art form bent on conceptualism.” La Cieca, in constrast, openly wonders when this whingeing old prat will finally shut the fuck up and retire already. []

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La vie en rose

“As Ernesto, Barry Banks struggled against an allergic reaction and a humiliatingly camp pink get-up…” [The Telegraph]

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The doctor is still in

Dr. Jonathan Miller, the autodidact and polymath who has redefined the words “coot” and “windbag” for the 21st century, took a well-deserved hiatus from his — what is it? – 11th or 12 absolutely final irrevocable annual retirement from operatic stage direction to announce that he doesn’t attend the theater, and, what’s more, nobody begs him to direct theater as they obviously should, what with his genius and all.  

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