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Cherchez la femme

Our Own JJ’s muse Dorothy Bishop returns to New York’s plush Metropolitan Room tomorrow night with another edition of her “Dozen Divas” revue, featuring 12 diva impressions in the breakneck course of a single 70 minute show.   Read more »

Infectious diseuse

Our Own JJ once again is dipping his toe into light entertainment, writing and directing a cabaret act for his old, old, old friend Dorothy Bishop. The “Diva of the High C’s” makes her debut at the legendary Bon Soir, launching pad of such notables as Barbra Streisand, Phyllis Diller and Kaye Ballard, on Monday night at 8:00 (room opens at 7:00). La Bishop has authorized La Cieca to announce that a limited number of complimentary tickets are available for loyal parterrians for this one-time-only event. See her website for details.