Cher Public

Winged defeat

For me, two angels made this frankly disappointing evening worthwhile. First, there’s Hans Spialek, the original orchestrator, whose work—resurrected here after many decades—is as gorgeously diaphanous and bubbly as anyone could want.  Read more »

Golden but not delicious

The cultiest of cult musicals, an All-American take on the Iliad and the Odyssey, the spectacularly witty Golden Apple of John Latouche (words) and Jerome Moross (music), opened Off Broadway in 1953 to some acclaim, moved to Broadway in 1954 and promptly sank, overweighted by its own cleverness. This is a great American opera (all-singing, no talking) and a downright weird choice for the Encores! series at the City Center.   Read more »

NYCO 2012-2013 season announcement

Question time for George Steel has now completed.

Q: Season looks like a festival, all new productions of novelties. What is going to happen to standard repertoire? A: In a four opera season, it’s hard to have an exemplar of every opera style. Alden Nozze will follow season after this one, it’s standard. Each season is a rule unto itself. Read more »