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And in the ‘how’

Yesterday’s first installment of a selected Rosenkavalier video overview covered two classic filmed performances, one from the 1960s and one from the 1970s. Today’s continuation closes out the 20th-century selections, crosses the millennial mark, and includes the first of our performances to depart from the opera’s prescribed 18th-century setting.   Read more »

Today or tomorrow or the day after that

“Time is a strange thing,” the lady observes, to a young man who cannot begin to understand what she is talking about. “While one is living one’s life away, it is absolutely nothing. Then, suddenly, one is aware of nothing else. It is all around us—and in us too.”  Read more »

Talor dal mio forziere

A summer performance of a wintry treat is this week’s bonbon from the Mike Richter collection, this time from his “Opera from Munich” CD-ROM, AE204. It’s a live, in-house performance of La bohème under the magical baton of Carlos Kleiber, with a couple of guest artists named Freni and Pavarotti. Read more »