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A quick review of statistics for 2013 reveals your top ten favorite parterre pages for the year, cher public.

on January 27, 2014 at 7:02 PM
Fall forward Fall forward

Utterly scientific polls follow the jump.

on September 07, 2013 at 7:53 AM
And the 2013 Pubies go to… And the 2013 Pubies go to…

One startling upset catches the eye among the many winners (if that is the word) of the 2013 Parterre Box Awards.

on May 20, 2013 at 8:51 PM
And one for civic duty! And one for civic duty!

It’s time to vote on the The 2013 Pubie Awards, cher public.

on May 13, 2013 at 2:50 PM
Triple threat Triple threat

Congratulations to Bryan Hymel (right), winner of the 2013 Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Opera “for his performances in Les Troyens, Robert Le Diable and Rusalka at the Royal Opera House.”

on April 28, 2013 at 5:39 PM
The Met in 2013-2014, a more copious leak The Met in 2013-2014, a more copious leak

Following up on last night’s information dump of the (overdue?) Met season announcement for 2013-2014, La Cieca has obtained a somewhat more detailed rundown.

on February 23, 2013 at 12:46 PM
Our retrospection will now be all to the future Our retrospection will now be all to the future

La Cieca predicts you won’t be seeing any puritans at the Met next season, except of course for the ones who slouch around during intermission hissing, “You call that a trill?”

on October 22, 2012 at 2:18 PM

Twentieth century opera just can’t get a break in Dallas, it seems. La Cieca has just heard that the company, which 86ed Katya Kabanova from their 2011 schedule, has just canceled Salome (slated to star Deborah Voigt) from fall 2013 plans.

on August 23, 2011 at 2:16 PM

And so Wim Wenders will not be directing the bicentennial Bayreuth Ring cycle in 2013, in 3D or any other kind of D. In that case, who should be chosen to wrap his or her Regie around this massively high-profile project? There’s a poll right after the jump. [Stern]

on April 06, 2011 at 10:27 AM

The updates on Brad Wilber‘s new Met Futures page are arriving almost daily now, with perhaps the most startling recent news the “removal” of Juan Diego Flórez from a projected new production of I puritani in April 2014. But there’s more to it, after the jump.

on December 17, 2010 at 10:35 AM

La Cieca has just heard (from no less a source than Sarah Billinghurst herself!) a tidbit that will no doubt interest Daniel Stephen Johnson among many others. It seems that the Met will produce Prince Igor in 2013 with Valery Gergiev (naturally) conducting and Dmitri Tcherniakov directing. The Prince himself will be Ildar Abdrazakov.

on August 12, 2010 at 11:59 PM