At the parterre box Calendar, nature is refurbishing herself. Spring varieties abound with the usual Met fare and all manner of recitals and rarities. We’ve got our eyes on these from our friends and sponsors:

On Tuesday, April 9th, soprano Rachel Willis-Sørensen makes her Zankel Hall debut. On offer: songs from Beach, Sibelius, Rachmaninoff and a veritable Frühlingsstrauß of Richard Strauss.

On Thursday, April 19th, a delicious dilemma in New York:

Black Music Archive presents Grammy Award-winning, Met Opera legend and leading Verdi soprano Leona Mitchell’s return to the stage, with a concert of arias, spirituals, pop, broadway, and jazz. Honestly? Mother.

…while Catapult Opera presents the American premiere of Nadia Boulanger’s only opera, La ville morte, newly rescued, realized, and revived from reduction. Try saying that five times fast—with an uvular trill.

As always, the cher public are encouraged to patronize and partake of these events, if not each other.

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