Listening and discussion begin at 2:00 PM.

Fouchécourt here brings a delicious amalgam of winsome innocence and spirited truculence to the opera’s over-eager anti-heroine. He’s rather different from the more ethereal Platée of his great predecessor, the recently deceased Michel Sénéchal, who did get to record his classic portrayal. The EMI-Sénéchal version conducted by Hans Rosbaud stemed the famed 1956 Aix-en-Provence production which with the lavish Les Indes Galantes done around the same time in Paris did much to restore Rameau’s reputation in the mid-20th century. — Christopher Corwin

Rameau: Platée ou Junon Jalouse
Grand Théâtre, Geneva
12 July 2001

La Folie/Thalie — Mireille Delunsch
L’Amour/Clarine — Cassandre Berthon
Junon — Martine Mahé
Platée — Jean-Paul Fouchécourt
Thespis/Mercure — Yann Beuron
Jupiter — Vincent Le Texier
Cithéron — Jean-Philippe Courtis
Momus — Franck Leguerinal

Les Musiciens du Louvre

Conductor — Marc Minkowski