At long last, cher public, a finale to our Senta’s Ballad quiz, nearly a month late! The name of the winner and the complete lists of sopranos after the jump. 

The winner is Spiderman, with 10 out of 15 Sentas correctly identified.

Here’s a reminder of the original quiz, followed by a list of the divas represented.

  1. Leonie Rysanek
  2. Mara Zampieri
  3. Jane Eaglen
  4. Lisbeth Balslev
  5. Ingrid Bjoner
  6. Régine Crespin
  7. Astrid Varnay
  8. Angeles Gulin
  9. Virginia Zeani
  10. Cheryl Studer
  11. Edda Moser
  12. Anja Silja
  13. Kirsten Flagstad
  14. Dunja Vejzovic
  15. Gwyneth Jones