Our Own Chris Corwin (not pictured) has taken a peek at the current guesses for the “Sola perduta” quiz and notes that fewer than half of the selections offered have been correctly identified. He has consented to offer a few hints after the jump.  

Says Chris:

1) “Three of the thus far unidentified eight Manon selections derive from Met broadcasts.”

2) “The following celebrated interpreters of the role of Manon are not represented on the quiz: Magda Olivero, Montserrat Caballé, Leontyne Price, Renata Scotto and Antonietta Stella.”

3) “Also not represented is this current Met interpreter of the role.”

All guesses at the identities of the 15 mystery Manons should be entered by midnight Friday night in the comments section of the post entitled “La deserta donna.” Remember, the commenter who identifies the most sopranos correctly will win a lovely new parterre box t-shirt!