It’s that time of the year when the Met does its season announcement, cher public, and, as in recent years, this time around the exact date and time of the information release seems to be a carefully guarded secret. (Surely, La Cieca thinks, the Met would do well to get the word out as soon as possible after the LOC announcement, if only to seem all the more exciting by contrast.) Anyway, while waiting impatiently, your doyenne would like to encourage a little active (as opposed to idle) speculation.

You are invited to peruse the current version of the Future Met Wiki and its rumored details of the Met’s 2015-2016 plans, and then, my dears, that’s when the hive mind springs into action. In the comments section below, let us know what you think will be the highlights and lowlights of the coming season, and especially turn your critical skills to the casting details given.  How do you think the TBA holes will be filled, and what holes are likely to open up when the (optimistically) predicted casting for some of the season fails to pan out?