As we all agree, Robert Rattray (pictured) is eminently qualified for his new position as the Met’s assistant general manager for artistic affairs, as much for his long experience in artist management as for the lucky accident of geography which places Great Britain roughly equidistant between North America and Europe. But La Cieca wonders who else might have  been up for the job, but fell by the wayside for reasons of weak résumé or unfashionable address.

Your doyenne asks you, cher public and/or casual reader: do you know of anyone else who was interviewed for this job? Was it offered to anyone else before Rattray was approached? Does anyone know if administrators currently employed in other opera houses in similar capacities were approached? Does anyone know of someone who turned down the job? Do you have any details on how was the search conducted?

In short, what exactly was the process that led to Rattray’s hiring?

All responses will of course be handled with complete discretion. Please email with any details, however seemingly small or trivial.