As if listening live to tonight’s gala Met premiere of Die Fledermaus were not frivolity sufficient unto the end of the calendar year, La Cieca and Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin (pictured above, in no particular order) offer an alternative version of Strauss’s operetta for your amusement.

Johann Strauss: DIE FLEDERMAUS
English text and lyrics by Garson Kanin and Howard Dietz

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Eugene Ormandy, conductor

Gabriel von Eisenstein – Charles Kullman
Rosalinde – Ljuba Welitsch
Adele – Lily Pons
Falke – John Brownlee
Frank – Clifford Harvout
Alfred – Richard Tucker
Prinz Orlovsky – Martha Lipton
Dr. Blind – Paul Franke

Plus a very special Surprise New Year’s Eve Gala Sequence/Competition! Interpolated into the second act of this classic performance is a series of 20 “guest appearances” by famous and not-quite-so-famous artists. (This “interpolation” begins about one hour and seven minutes into the recording.) Your task, cher public, is to identify each artist and the selection he or she is singing (or speaking!), in the correct order, in the comments section below. The first commenter to correctly identify all 20 artists and selections will win 2014’s first Amazon Gift Card.