Cher Public

Are you available for dancing in the streets and shouting from the housetops?

La Cieca is looking for a few good part-time reviewers. Details after the jump.

I’m hoping to add some new faces to parterre’s blue-ribbon panel of critics. Needed are reviewers who can take on DVDs and CDs with a quick turnaround time (i.e., you file a review within a week after receiving the disc) as well as a writer or two who either already have plans to attend some first nights of productions at the Met or else are willing to find a way reliably to get into same. (For live performance reviews, La Cieca sets a deadline of early afternoon the day following the performances, with “the earlier the better” her watchcry.)

Highest consideration will be given to members of the cher public (i.e., regular commenters) on parterre, but strangers to this realm will be considered who can provide links to online reviews they’ve written.

If you’re seriously interested in joining La Cieca’s merry band, drop her an email stating your scope of interest (recordings or live performances) and a few lines suggesting why you think your writing would be informative, entertaining or, ideally, both.

Cigarette holders are, of course, optional.