parterre_fopsThe blogger Crew Mantle, who is perhaps best known as that fellow who attends opera performances wearing a frilly Venetian carnival mask, complained earlier this week about something or other (who can say, really?) but more to the point he made a catty observation on the subject of La Cieca’s adored cher public (pictured), and so it goes without saying that her blood is boiling. You’ll see why after the jump.

Says M. Mantle:

The site which was (and still is) unabashedly directed towards gays in New York owned a certain in your face gossipy style so very favoured by this crowd. Parterre’s readers consisted predominately of those particular effeminate men who loved to ape their sexuality in any outlandish form which suited the second in which they lived: thus Parterre fit perfectly within their scope.

Now, it’s hardly news to La Cieca that you, the cher public, are mostly “gays,” and who could dispute the obvious fact that you are (generally speaking) “effeminate men who [love] to ape their sexuality.”

Where Mama Grizzly Cieca draws the line, though, is in calling you “particular.” Anyone who knows the cher public can tell you that they are the least particular creatures in the world—after all, they read La Cieca, don’t they?

Ah, well, as dear André Gide said to Truman Capote that one time in Tangiers, “The dogs bark but the caravan moves on”