sf_gatheringThe lovely and personable Jumping Clapping Man will act as host/coordinator of the first-ever Norcal Parterre.com Gathering Demented Mini-Conference (as seen in the above artist’s rendering). Details after the jump (and clap).

J.C. adds, roguishly (as is his wont) :

Perhaps our Queen Mum herself, La Cieca will descend upon our happy gathering and lead us in some festivity. Although, Nilsson, Tebaldi and Rysanek’s attendance is more likely.

Where? Chinese Pagoda, on Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Location details: eastern tip of Stow Lake island, just south of Stow Lake waterfall, just southwest of the red star on this map.

We can mosey over to the Verdi Statue, towards the end for “Va Pensiero” and a knelt adoration. And, I’ll be sure to pass by the Beethoven Statue too on the walk home to make sure he doesn’t feel left out.

When? 12 noon – 3pm, Saturday, July 31st

Area pubes desirous of more details are invited to contact, naturellement, Jumping Clapping Man.