La Cieca welcomes to the editorial desk of new correspondents squirrel and Ercole Farnese, who have already begun their blanket coverage of the New York City opera scene. 

Congratulations as well to CruzSF! For his astute commentary in the Future Shock thread, he will receive the coveted autographed copy of Sacrificium. La Cieca is sure you will all join her in raising a celebratory Castratini to his victory.

As for further additions to the parterre staff, La Cieca is still poring through the vast and dauntingly superb reviews that have gushed into our Sunnyside offices, which is mostly her own fault for locating in a basement apartment. She will send out invitations to further assignments to those best of the best in the next week or so.

In the meantime (and even afterward), please remember, cher public, that La Cieca is very interested in what you have to say. If there’s something you want to write (rant, review, think piece, whatever), please send La Cieca an email pitching your idea.