You heard it here first. In fact, you heard it here a month ago — and now the “other” media are finally picking up on the operatic story of the year. According to the Houston Chronicle, David Gockley is mulling an offer from San Francisco “to lead that city’s legendary but troubled opera company.”

La Cieca was delighted to read the enthusiastic reviews for Deborah Voigt‘s first Marschallin in Berlin. The Berliner Morgenpost, first commenting on the rumored “40 kilos” Voigt has lost over the past year or so, raved, “She sings the Marschallin in her bold high-dramatic voice, like Isolde out for a stroll in the Prater, but without sacrificing fine detail or clarity of text. Her diction is clear and idiomatic, and her phrasing is tender. Her large-scale operatic gestures redefine this Rosenkavalier production in a more traditional mode. This Marschallin is an undisputed success.” And the Tagesspiel praised the soprano for the “grandeur” and “seductiveness” of her intepretation.